Aims and Scope

Voyage Journal of Scientific Research and Exploration (VJSRE) is an international platform for high-quality, original research from various scientific fields. The journal aims to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and the exploration of innovative research frontiers. VJSRE welcomes original research manuscripts that present significant advancements in knowledge, address real-world problems, employ rigorous research methodologies, and contribute to the development of new theories or applications within a scientific field.


 1. Natural Sciences

   - Biology

   - Ecology

   - Geology

   - Environmental Science


2. Historical Expeditions

   - Impact of significant scientific voyages

   - Methodologies and outcomes of past expeditions


3. Technological Innovations in Exploration

   - Advancements in navigation

   - Cartography

   - Data collection methods


4. Interdisciplinary Research

   - Combining multiple scientific disciplines to study complex phenomena


5. Botany and Zoology

   - Studies on plant species

   - Studies on animal species

   - Classification, behavior, and ecological significance


6. Cultural and Social Impacts of Exploration

   - Effects of scientific exploration on indigenous cultures and societies


7. Marine and Terrestrial Discoveries

   - Findings from marine ecosystems

   - Discoveries in terrestrial ecosystems

   - Biodiversity and environmental changes